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"This book is going to help a lot of people," I told DJ when I first laid my hands on it.

What I heard most often from readers: "If you're going to get one low carb book ever, this is THE ONE."

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In this massive (574-page!) book, Chef DJ Foodie outlines his research-based “Low Primal” approach to eating. DJ shares the surprising secrets that helped him lose 141 pounds. 

Part low carb how-to, part cookbook, and 100% fun–this is a truly practical reference for eating in the real world.  DJ doesn't just explain WHAT he did, but more importantly, the "why" behind it to help you make informed decisions.

This book sold out multiple printings and earned rave reviews for good reason.

A Peek Inside

Low Carb Recipe Photos

Gave me my life back...

I borrowed this book from a friend after asking what she had done to lose so much weight. This book has completely changed my mindset of how to eat correctly. Not only have I lost 50 lbs in less than 6 months and dropped 3 pants sizes but it has gave me my life back. It is packed full of great recipes and a vast array of knowledge that only someone with years of experience could acquire... Don't hesitate to get your copy today and start living your life again. Be happy and healthy!


Given me hope...

They have given me hope. I did not get the cooking gene. These books really make me want to try. I actually took Taking Out the Carbage on a weekend camping trip with me recently just to inspire myself.  It is beautifully done, incredibly well written, and amazingly informative. I have learned a lot already. Cooking is a dreadful activity in my world. But DJ makes me want to try. On top of that, when I had a question, he answered me kindly, promptly, and encouragingly. What a wonderful man! Thanks, again, DJ! Buy them, read them, use them!


What You Get

  • 574-page hardcoverHow-to, inspiration and (research-backed) advice226 chef-tested recipes
  • Full-color recipe photos & complete nutritional facts, broken down by ingredient for easy tracking
  • 3 Weeks of meal plans & removable shopping lists, with help on doing your own planning
  • Engaging: DJ's funny, down-to-Earth writing style makes this colorfully-illustrated book both fun & easy to read
  • How-to Guides for time-saving skills like bulk cooking  & freezer meals
  • Imperial & metric measurements to save conversion headaches in the kitchen
  • Bonus: PDF ebook version ($27.90 Value)

These books are FANTASTIC...

I just received mine and went down the rabbit hole for an hour without even realizing it. These books are FANTASTIC and worth every penny. After losing 100lbs in the last year, I'd still like to maintain a lower carb lifestyle and these books are just what I was looking for!!!! Cannot WAIT to read more. Thank you, Low Carb Zen and DJ Foodie!!!


These are the ones I use...

I have about 30 cookbooks... these are the ones I use, and enjoy, the most. Not just for the great, easy recipes... His writing style makes it a pleasure to read! I recommend them both...and I have a ton of low carb/keto books. I have a hard copy of Fakery and a pdf of Carbage. The pdf is very well laid out and easy to access any page, illustrations and photos are so engaging...thank you for these great books DJ!


Total Zen Guarantee

We want you to be 100% DELIGHTED!  For paper books, refunds are available before shipping (the next day), so please review the bonus PDF file right away. We cannot accept returns. PDF purchases are eligible for refund for up to 60 days. Other refunds may be available for unusual circumstances–contact DJ to talk about it. Ready to get cooking?!

Make Your Choice

Save yourself the stress of figuring it out on your own. Right now, you can also add DJ Foodie's comprehensive baking primer, THE FAKERY: EASY GUIDE TO GRAIN-FREE QUICK BREADS  in a special, combo offer and save.

Paper books, USA only; PDFs, worldwide. Books ship the next business day after ordering via UPS. Offered in affiliation with DJ Foodie.com. For help, email dix@lowcarbzen.com, send a message via Facebook messenger, or leave a voicemail at (785) 367-4633.


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  • 574 page Hardcover
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  • Bonus: PDF ($29.95 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the recipes complicated? I am busy and kitchen-impaired!!

Are the books keto-friendly? I'm a macro-calculating fool!

Are the books Paleo-friendly? I eat like a cave person!

Are the recipes gluten-free? Because, gluten!

Can I get paper books outside the US? I am old school!

Where are the download links?!? I expect instant gratification!

Wait! I still have the questions!

About the Author, DJ Foodie

DJ Foodie - Before & After Low Primal; individual results vary.

DJ Foodie once weighed 352 pounds, calling himself “depressed, sick and scared.” His book walks you through the changes he made

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef DJ knows food. He's worked under some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast, hosted a food-themed radio show, served as Manager of Special Projects at AllRecipes.com, and owned a catering company.

DJ's unique combination of personal weight loss and professional expertise puts him in a singular position to help YOU follow in his footsteps–deliciously! 

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