Foodie Book FAQs

Questions about DJ Foodie's booksHere are the most common questions about TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE and THE FAKERY.

Are the recipes complicated? I am busy and kitchen-impaired!!

Are the books keto-friendly? I'm a macro-calculating fool!

Are the books Paleo-friendly? I eat like a cave person!

Are the recipes gluten-free? Because, gluten!

Will the books work for a dairy-free diet?

I'm vegetarian: would I be able to use these books, too?

Can I get paper books outside the US? I want old school cookbooks and I want them now!!!

When do I get the download links?!? I expect instant gratification.

My PDF download is a big mess of garbled gobbledygook. What gives?!?

Help! The cart says my email address is invalid, but it's not! Lying cart!!!

When will I get paper books? I'm in a hurry, dang it!!

Why is CARBAGE selling for hundreds of dollars on Amazon?!? That's crazy talk!

Wait! I still have the questions!!

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