Find Your Weight Loss Zen

You know what to do. But it's still a struggle. WHY?

What if it wasn't a struggle anymore? Because once you identify the attitudes and beliefs that are not serving your goals, you can sidestep the struggle and move on to success.

This book will NOT tell you what to eat; it tells you how to THINK about eating.

You’ll learn why previous efforts failed and how you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself, but most importantly, you'll learn how to fix it. 

Dixie's been-there-done-that insights combined with years spent supporting millions of low carb dieters offers the answers you need.

  • Getting Started: Setting effective, easily attainable goals and avoiding roadblocks that lead most dieters to give up. 
  • Back-Again for Yo-Yo Dieters: Find your way back into the groove painlessly, even joyfully, and stay there once and for all.
  • Off-Plan Eating: Forget guilt. It’s fattening! Learn to when and how you can stray without mucking up your weight loss mojo. Find out why willpower doesn’t work (but what does instead).
  • Attitude Adjustments: The real secrets on starting strong, staying focused, dealing with stress and those living-in-the-real-world hurdles. 
Find Your Weight Loss Zen 1

With the right attitude, you really can have it all.

Available as a paperback, for the Kindle (on Amazon) or get yourself that immediate gratification with an Instant Download eBook.

Your Zen, your way!

Get Your Attitude Adjusted for Success!

Find Your Weight Loss Zen