December 12

Keeping Holiday Eating in Perspective


It’s a weird time of year to be the Low Carb Zen Goddess.

For my job, I essentially traffic in food–I hesitate to call myself a food blogger because, c’mon. You’ve seen my recipes, right? Nobody’s going to be putting my silly little recipes into a fancy food app.

But I’m more than okay with that, because I DO get to help people find food that both appeals and helps them stay healthy. That’s what I care about most; I want to make a difference.

Right now, we’re neck deep into the holidays. Holiday eating is a real thing: it’s the time of year people are more obsessed with food than any other. You’d think it would be my time to shine!

But it’s also the time of year people are less interested than ever to hear me preach the low carb gospel. You want to encouarge moderation in holiday eating? Nobody cares until the New Year. Then, people will be beating my door down.

But for now? It’s only the die-hard low carbers or the ones who eat this way for their health that are sticking with me.

If you’re sticking with me here, thank you. Instead of fixating on holiday eating, I’d rather focus on the really important stuff.

Remembering What Counts

Respecting Your Food

I just finished writing an article about reducing food waste for Kansas Living Magazine. I already knew not everyone gets to take food for granted. I also knew the world needs more food than ever and the need is only growing.

What I didn’t know is how much impact personal choices make on food waste.

Almost of third of all food wasted doesn’t get discarded until it reaches the consumers. That’s a staggering figure. I’ve decided to tangibly express my respect for the work farmers and ranchers do for us by wasting less food. Starting now!

Maybe you can join me and be sure that holiday eating doesn’t turn into “making so much food some gets thrown out.” That’s a very achievable goal and it does make a difference, not only to the hungry or the environment, but also to your personal food budget. There’s no downside.

It’s the Memories, Man!

I suspect a big part of why holiday eating seems so central to our idea of celebration is because it’s shared time with people we love. We have such fond memories of holiday meals because of the people, not the carbs!

I’ve been recently reminded of how true this is for me. My oldest and her wife just moved far away. I’ll miss them tremendously this Christmas. But I got to send a gift and share the moment with them on video via our Echo Show.

This is a map of the stars when they met from Under Lucky Stars. As you can see, I didn’t miss the important stuff here.

Ariel with a Star Map from Under Lucky Stars
My beautiful daughter-in-law with a Christmas gift from Under Lucky Stars.

We might not get to share holiday eating, but we get to share time together and my memento of the occasion is this photo. It doesn’t involve a bigger pants size.

Of course, I get distracted by the shiny as much as the next gal. I don’t yet have the Idolcam I’m utterly lusting after to record these memories (or make better recipe videos). I love all the food and the gifts and the holiday glitz. But even so, I know I’ve already got what counts most. I’m not about to forget it.

The Very Best Gift Anyone Can Give, Ever

There is lots of excess this time of year. Too much to do. Too many gifts to buy. And yeah, too much holiday eating. Even if we don’t get carried away with it all, it can still feel a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Those thoughtful gifts or lavish holiday meals are all fine and well and have their place. They are a big part of what makes this time of year so fun. Holiday magic in action!

But as your friendly neighborhood Zen Goddess who still wants to feel relevant, I would like to leave you with a thought that I hope can make a difference.Keeping Holiday Eating in Perspective 1

The absolute BEST gift you can give to anyone who cares about you is taking good care of yourself.

I’m not saying you can’t sideline serious dieting for the holidays. I’m not saying you can’t stay completely on track, either. I’ve never going to tell anybody what to eat. That’s always up to you, to become your own food guru.

What I’m suggesting is focusing most on the love we have for one another. Let the rest work itself out. It will.

Take good care of yourself. You’re worth it!

Happy Holidays, with much love from Dix the Zen Goddess.

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