November 23

Most Awesome Low Carb Recipes, Nov. 17 – 23


This week’s most awesome low carb recipes–as selected by being the most popular among the week’s posting on the Low Carb Zen Facebook page–has nice variety. We’ve got some breakfast items, lunch, dinner and sides or snacks. There also seems to be an emphasis on simple, workable ideas that are practical for everyday kind of meals. Duly noted, low carbers! So without further ado, here we go!

This Week’s Most Awesome Low Carb Recipes…

Low Carb Chicken and Bacon Casserole This Low Carb Chicken Broccoli Bacon Casserole could not be more simple. A few, everyday ingredients, plop into a casserole dish, bake and boom! Carb-friendly dinner. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Egg Puffs What lovely little Egg Puffs! I don’t eat a ton of eggs, but I do want to try these. You’ll need either Parchment Paper or some Silicone Baking Mats to make these so the puffs don’t stick to your cookie sheet. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Awesome Low Carb Recipes This Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Soup sounds a-maz-ing! I would definitely suggest grating your own cheese for it; did you know store-bought grated cheese has starch added to keep it from sticking together? Plus, freshly grated cheese tastes so much better! I grate a lot of cheese, so I use s nifty Drum Grater to make quick work of it. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs Well, some Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs are also an awesome idea. That bacon and Jalapeno just go together. I’d skip the small amount of sugar suggested altogether (or use something like Swerve), and then dish this up on a pretty egg platter. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken with Lime and Melted Mozzarella This Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken with Lime and Melted Mozzarella is super, super simple. You cook the chicken in your Crock Pot,  then transfer it to a small casserole dish to broil a minute and melt the cheese. I also wouldn’t work about doing low-fat cheese, but then again, I don’t do South Beach. Looks scrumptious! Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Chipotle Cheddar Broiled Avocados The Chipotle Cheddar Broiled Avocados call for Chipotle Chiles in Adobo Sauce sauce. My buddy Theresa suggested putting some shredded chicken or crumbled bacon underneath the cheese. I like the way that woman thinks! Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Kickin' Chili  ‎Low Carb‬ Kickin’ Chili is another slow cooker recipe – I’m digging that! Haven’t tried this version yet but it’s gotten great reviews from our members. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Southern Fried Chicken Low Carb Southern Fried Chicken uses some whey protein and calls for optional oat fiber (which I’d probably just skip). But looking at this makes me want to whip out a big ol’ cast iron skillet and fry up some chicken for sure! Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Savory Ricotta Snacks  Savory Ricotta Snacks are another candidate for my muffin top pan – yay! I’d never heard of flaxseed oil before, but Olive Oil is not hard to come by. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Ice Cream Bars Easy Low Carb‬ Ice Cream Bars are calling to me! The recipe recommends a combination of Erythritol or Xylitol and liquid Stevia for the best results. A lot of time with low carb sweeteners, there is a synergistic effect to using more than one. Pin the Best Low Carb Recipes

So, those are this week’s most awesome low carb recipes, according to the members of our Facebook page, anyway. Have you tried any of these? How did they work out for you?

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