October 12

Best Low Carb Recipes Roundup, Oct. 6 – 12


Welcome to this week’s best low carb recipes, as “voted on” by our Facebook fans! To select the recipes to included in the roundup, I choose the recipes with the most combined likes, comments, clicks, pins and shares. Recipes are listed in order of popularity.

It’s always fun for me to see which recipes are the most popular, because I like to imagine these very recipes happily being made by millions of low carbers across the globe. It’s something that connects us all, you know? It’s cool, that’s all. Because we’re all in this together.

This Week’s Best Low Carb Recipes Links

Tips for making good tasting spaghetti squash How to Make the Best Spaghetti Squash is just what it sounds like – instructions for cooking flavorful Spaghetti Squash. I found the tips very handy when I was whipping up my own Low Carb Mexican Spaghetti Squash Boats. Yay! Best Low Carb Recipes
Who needs potatoes now? No reason to miss loaded potatoes when you can make low carb Loaded Cauliflower in convenient little individual baking dishes, and there you have dinner. Woot! Best Low Carb Recipes
Taco flavor in a casserole! Low Carb Taco Bake could not be any more straightforward. Looking at the delightfully simple recipe, I am left wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” I’d suggest adding a little cumin as well as the chili powder mentioned in the recipe. Best Low Carb Recipes
 Meatloaf with a surprise inside! This Cheesy Stuffed Meatloaf  initially distracted me with that luscious, oozing cheese so much that I missed the crackers listed in the ingredients. Replace them with crushed pork rinds (and use low sugar ketchup or just tomato paste for the topping) and you’ve got some low carb awesome! I think these would be especially neat done as individual servings in a mini-meatloaf pan! Best Low Carb Recipes
 Easy treat full of good fats. Low Carb Peanut Butter Fat Bombs are stored in the freezer, ready to grab any time. “Fat bombs” are great to keep you feeling full, provide lots of energy, satisfy a sweet tooth and add healthy fats like coconut oil into our diets. I still need to get silicone molds. I am thinking a little-bitty heart mold would be very cute and dress ’em up a little. Best Low Carb Recipes
 Simple idea to make flat steak special. Sometimes the simplest ideas ARE the best. At least, that appears to be the case with the recipes for Low Carb Steak Wraps. And the thin steak is usually inexpensive, too. Bonus! Best Low Carb Recipes
 Delicious dip! This gooey-wonderful Low Carb Bacon Garlic Spinach Dip would make pork rinds or homemade low carb chips a super-special treat. My mouth is watering…must get some Ramekins! Best Low Carb RecipesP.S. As of publication, Craig is having a 25%-off Birthday Sale for his cookbook, Ketofied–AND everything else! I don’t know how long the discount lasts, but it’s a great opportunity to save a little $ on great cookbooks and support one of our talented recipe creators at the same time. Use the code “KETORULES.”
 Super easy and healthy side. I am not a big fan of cucumbers, but I appear to be in the minority judging by how many people loved this Low Carb Hungarian Cucumber Salad. Yay for diversity! Best Low Carb RecipesBeware, though–NEVER use a mandoline without the vegetable guard as shown in the pictures on this recipe. Eeek! I wouldn’t even take it out of the cabinet without wearing cut resistant gloves, but am admittedly accident prone.
 Cheesy sausagey good! Sausage and Kale Spaghetti Squash Boats provide another example of why it’s better to let y’all pick the best low carb recipes instead of me. I am not a fan of Kale, but it’s great for you and obviously, not everyone agrees! (P.S. I found using silicone bake mats made for easier cleanup.) Best Low Carb Recipes
 Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free goodness! I’m always happy to find something special for our folks who have dietary restrictions. That why I was so happy to find this Low Carb, Dairy-Free and Sugar Free Hot Chocolate. Wouldn’t that be fun with a cute mug to drink it in? What a great treat! Best Low Carb Recipes

Still on the Best Low Carb Recipes List!

Best Low Carb Recipes Honorable Mention Honorable Mention – Still number 5 in the overall top recipe totals, but I disqualified this one from the official roundup competition because it’s a holdover from last week–my own Easy Low Carb Mexican Chicken Casserole.

Have you tried any of these? Would you consider them some of the week’s best low carb recipes?


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