October 19

Top Low Carb Recipes Roundup, Oct. 13 -19


I am really enjoying doing roundups of the top low carb recipes for the week, because even after running the Low Carb Zen Facebook page for as many years as I have, I am sometimes surprised by what takes off versus what does not.

The recipes to include in the roundup are chosen by the ones that have the most likes, clicks and shares on our Facebook page for the entire week – so many of you “voted” without even knowing. Go, you! So without further ado…

This Week’s Top Low Carb Recipes

Peppermint Fat Bombs Fat Bombs are an easy, delicious, and very satiating way of adding healthy fats to your diet to meet your nutritional macro targets and giving yourself a treat. And these Paleo/Keto Peppermint Peppermint Patties are some fat bombs that look divine!  Best Low Carb Recipes I just got some Coconut Butter today…I always have coconut oil and some kind of cocoa powder. Will have to check on Peppermint Extract. Woot!
Never would have thought of fried pickles! So, Low Carb Fried Pickles would never have occurred to me! The breading is made from Almond Flour and Parmesan Cheese to keep it low carb. I may have to step a little outside my routine and give these a try! Best Low Carb Recipes
Pie, in a blender?! I have never tried a blender pie. This Coconut Blender Pie looks like a very simple way to make pie! It also uses coconut extract to turn up that flavor, so it’s definitely a pick for coconut fans. Do be sure you use Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, as many packages you find in the store have added sugar. I’d also use Swerve instead of Splenda, myself. Best Low Carb Recipes
Cabbage! Yum! If you need tips for making these lovely Low Carb Cabbage Rolls, our members shared some of their secrets on the original post. Plus there is a video how-to with the recipe AND they can even be cooked in a crock pot for the win! Best Low Carb Recipes
Spicy wings for the wing-a-holics! We have so many wing-a-holics in our crew, it’s insane! If you’re not already among the ranks, over very own Theresa may convert ya with these Sweet and Spicy Chipolte Wings. She uses Chipotle Pepper Powder and Cayenne Pepper Powder to get the spicy, and Stevia powder or EZ-Sweetz to get the sweet. I’m going to make a huge batch and pull out my [/FoodSaver to seal the deal on fabulous, frozen leftovers! Best Low Carb Recipes
Cheesy biscuit goodness. A combination of Almond Flour and Coconut Flour pair up with cheddar to create Low Carb Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Anchors away to Cheddar Bay! Best Low Carb Recipes
Quick and good for you, too!
Well this Bacon Cheddar Broccoli Salad looks super good and super easy! I like the addition of Apple Cider Vinegar, not only for taste but for the health benefits, too. Awesome side dish option! Best Low Carb Recipes
Cheddar and broccoli, in a tummy-warming soup! This is a warm-your-tummy-on-a-chilly-day comfort food option: Broccoli Cheese Soup! All very simple ingredients, cook up in a Cast-Iron Dutch Oven–I want one!–or a Stockpot. Best Low Carb Recipes
Cute and tasty low carb nacho meatballs! Another very simple idea with very basic, probably-in-your-pantry-already ingredients: Low Carb Loaded Nacho Meatballs. They are soooo cute! Bet they would be adorable on a fancy serving platter – I want the one that lights up with pretty colors! Best Low Carb Recipes
Low Carb Easy "tot" alternative! These (not really) “Tater Tots” are run through a Food Processor, mixed up with some Parmesan Cheese, and fried in a Deep Fryer with a bonus recipe for Chipotle Dipping Sauce. I cannot wait to give these a whirl! Best Low Carb Recipes

So, how did this week’s top low carb recipes stack up to your favorites from the week?

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