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Top Low Carb Recipes Roundup, Nov. 24 -30


Checking out the top low carb recipes for last week from our Low Carb Zen Facebook page, it’s clear there was a taste for Mexican! Casseroles were also even more popular than normal–kind of hard to do–with a full half of the recipes making the top list being of a casserole-y variety. Add a snack, a couple of sides, and just one dessert, and you’ve got this week’s roundup. A special shout-out goes to Kyndra of Peace, Love and Low Carb who managed to get two recipes on this week’s roundup. Not an easy feat!

Here are the top low carb recipes for the week, in order of popularity.

Making the Top Low Carb Recipes This Week!

Low Carb Easy Mexican Casserole
Easy Mexican Chicken Casserole
This Easy Low Carb Mexican Chicken Casserole  really IS as simple as cooking up some chicken and layering the ingredients in casserole dish. Be sure to check out the comments on the recipes for lots of ideas of additions to make this your own.  The feedback on this recipe has been overwhelmingly positive (and gratifying). Pin it!


Low carbers need ready-to-go snacks, and you cannot get more ready-to-go than this dleightful Antipasto. I think I’d fraction the recipe out–it makes massive amounts–and store in a handy covered bowl until I was ready for a bite, or three! Pin it!

Enchilada PIe
Low Carb Enchilada Pie
Low Carb Enchilada Pie is another super fast, super easy 1-disher. It would probably be a good idea to mix up your own Taco Seasoning, since store bought often has lots of ingredients (and carbs) you don’t want, including sugar!  I think something like this spice jar set with some little chalkboard labels would be not only functional but very cute! Pin it!
Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus
Wrapped Asparagus


Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus is a very fancy but only takes minutes. It’s made with ghee. I imagine you could make it without, but after trying ghee, I’m willing to bet it adds a lot to the overall flavor. Pin it!
Low Carb Lasagna
Low Carb Lasagna


Just Like The Real Thing Lasagna is actually made in a loaf pan, but I just keep thinking I’d need to double up and make two. It looks so good, I’ll need one to have leftovers the next day! Pin it!

Roasted Cauliflower
Parmesan Dijon Roasted Cauliflower
Parmesan Dijon Roasted Cauliflower is so delicious! This is one where you’ll need either your Baking Mats or something like a Parchment Liner to keep it from sticking. Pin it!

Pumpkin Cake
Low Carb Pumpkin Cake
My mouth starts watering just looking at this Pumpkin Cake wih Cream Cheese Frosting! She uses Xylitol and Stevia Extract to sweeten it. I don’t keep Xylitol in the house because I have pets, it’s too toxic for them. It also creates…um, gastrointestinal disturbances if you have too much and have not built up a tolerance to it. I would probably just substitute Swerve, myself. Pin it!

Cucumber , Avocado and Feta Salad
Cucumber , Avocado and Feta Salad
This Cucumber, Avocado and Feta Cheese Salad would look lovelyPorcelain Serving Bowls. Just like in a magazine! Pin it!

Spinach, Artichoke and Chicken Dip
Spinach, Artichoke and Chicken Dip
Technically, making this Spinach Artichoke and Chicken Dip reqiures two dishes: a casserole dish and a mixing bowl. But I mostly count it as one anyway. I just adore artichokes and spinach mixed together! Pin it!

Mexican Casserole
Low Carb Mexican Casserole
This Low Carb Mexican Casserole looks like a real winner. And the recipe even says it’s freezable! How awesome is that? You will need either a Food Processor or at least a cheese grater to make the caulirice. I’m of the lazy variety, so I vote food processor. But however you make it, you’ll want to make it! Pin it!

Did you make any of these? How’d it turn out?

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