Can't Afford to Eat Healthy?

Maybe you just haven't learned the secrets...

In response to real world challenges to healthy eating (time, energy and oh yeah, the money!), Chef DJ Foodie has released THE definitive guide to quick, healthy and affordable batch cooking

MAKING ENDS MEAT: Affordable Quick Meals, Freezer Foods & Batch Cooking combines easy-to-find, budget-friendly ingredients with recipes, insider shopping advice, batch cooking guides, food storage tips and all the support you need to make time spent in the kitchen more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Meat is often the biggest grocery-budget drain, but it's also a nutritional powerhouse. So this book highlights working with mouth-wateringly delicious (but affordable) cuts of meat. But don't think it's only about the meat!

You'll enjoy it all: main courses, sides, snacks, drinks and desserts. Many recipes can be made in batches and are perfectly suited for meal prep, while others are last-minute toss-togethers to make your life easier while still savoring great food.

The extensive how-to guides tie it all together, preparing you for batch-cooking bliss where the question, "What's for dinner?" always has a happy (and healthy) answer.

Making Ends Meat

MAKING ENDS MEAT Can Help with...

  • ...meal planning and shopping, with 142 easy, healthy and delectable recipes.
  • ...affording healthy food! Best-deal shopping tips and help Identifying which foods give you the most nutritional bang for your buck, while spending as few bucks as possible.
  • ...mastering meal prep. Expertly plan, organize and execute batch cooking sessions, from getting the ball rolling all the way through dishing up dinner.
  • ...avoiding waste. Pro chef tips to select, preserve and freeze a wide variety of food while retaining flavor, so your time, energy and money are always well-spent.

This book is written in DJ's signature fun, engaging, down-to-Earth style thousands have fallen in love with. And since DJ is a chef with decades of experience (and this is what he fixes for himself), the recipes are amazing!

A Peek Inside

Making Ends Meat Recipes

What You Get

  • 400-page paperback, packed full of pro advice, step-by-step guidance on planning, prep and batch cooking wizardry, keeping it all on the cheap!
  • 142 recipes (with color pictures) for meals, snacks, sides, salads, soups, drinks and of course, desserts! These recipes have been specifically developed to save money, time and energy.  
  • Metric & Imperial measurements, to spare conversion hassles.
  • Keto percentages and net carbs for tracking with full, by-ingredient nutritional breakdowns available.
  • Peace of mind, knowing you have a freezer full of healthy, delicious and stress-free options waiting for you!

Total Zen Guarantee

We want you to be 100% DELIGHTED! Refunds for eBooks for 30 days after ordering. For paper books, please review the bonus eBook version right away so concerns can be addressed before shipping. For refund questions, contact DJ.

 Ready to get cooking?! Make your choice to save time & money while eating better!

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About the Author, DJ Foodie

DJ Foodie once weighed 352 pounds, describing himself as “depressed, sick and scared.” His switch to healthier eating offered a second chance at a longer, happier life.

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef DJ has worked under some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast. He’s hosted a food-themed radio show, served as Manager of Special Projects at, and owned a catering company.

DJ's unique combination of personal weight loss history and professional expertise puts him in a singular position to help YOU follow in his footsteps–deliciously! 

DJ Foodie - Before & After. Individual results vary.

Hasn't "eating better" been hanging around on your to-do list long enough? Order MAKING ENDS MEAT, today. You'll be glad you did.

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