June 5

All Progress is Good Progress


What is “Good Progress?”

It may be open for debate, but I know my answer…

All Progress is Good Progress 1

When I offered encouragement on low-carb forums, I’d frequently say, “All progress is good progress.”

People almost never felt like they were moving fast enough or well enough, or flawlessly enough. Just whatever they took “enough” to mean.

Those feelings of failure were a FAR more significant stumbling block than wherever someone happened to be in the process.

Right now, though? I can kinda see their point.

Man, I hate taking my own advice. Har!

I don’t have the wherewithal to spend a lot of time in the kitchen right now. But I definitely still want treats. However, the idea of a low carb baking made me tired just thinking about it.

But eventually, I realized I had made up some of DJ’s Sweet Bake mix from MAKING ENDS MEAT. A lot of the work was already done. My early efforts at meal prep paid off!

Pro tip: I use clear packing tape and a sharpie to label containers. (The top label includes month/year.) Super easy to pull off when the container is ready for new contents.

All Progress is Good Progress 2

Hello, Low Carb Zucchini Muffins!

All Progress is Good Progress 3

Now, by any measure here, my progress has been modest at best. My health markers are slooooooowly improving and I’ve lost a few pounds since I’ve been more mindful of my eating.

But it doesn’t matter. ALL PROGESS COUNTS! For me, and yes, for you, too.

So get out there and look for one, specific, small way to improve your health no matter where you’re at right now. Get comfortable the change, then add something else. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m right there with you, friends. We can do this!!

Remember: All progress is good progress.
Even (especially) YOUR progress!
Take care of yourself.
You’re worth it & I’m cheering you on.


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