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Health and Dealing With Now (Simply)


Catching Up on Health…

“I was completely healthy until I started seeing all these damn doctors!” I complained to my husband. He laughed with me. I was (mostly) joking.

The only doctor I feel like seeing…

Health and Dealing With Now (Simply) 1

That is to say I’m not exactly enjoying the collection of pill bottles I’m amassing. But it is what it is. I refuse to feel bad about doing what I need to do to take care of myself. I want to make it as EASY as possible.


Easier Pill Tracking

Health and Dealing With Now (Simply) 2As my meds list increased, I wanted something more than the free MyTherapy phone app I’d been using. I mean, it’s awesome for sure, but I was looking for a little more order, so enter these babies.

I really love these pill minders. The compartments are large, they are easy to open and read – important for old lady eyes! And you can just grab the day’s container and go.

I bought 2 but I might get another couple before I’m done. I thought I’d share in case you’d find them helpful, too.


Accountability to Whom?

I’ve been involved in the Low Carb community for decades. In that time, I’ve seen plenty of the “mea culpa / fell off the wagon” posts. I think they are very relatable, and may be encouraging to some.

But I’ve never been super comfortable with them (even when I sort of wrote one myself).

This is NOT one of those.

I guess maybe I cringe a little because of the vibe. These tales so often smack of not feeling good enough, like letting people down. Apologetic and self-critical. Those feelings are familiar to most of us and I can tell you right now, they aren’t particularly motivating to me.

I’m a lot more inclined to take good care of myself when I focus on who and what I love, and especially that I want to feel good. So that’s what I’m doing now.

How about you? What makes it easier for you to take good care of yourself?

When the Low Carb Zen FaceBook page when viral, I was just about to go on vacation – the first in many years for us. I thought about posting some pictures, but I knew I’d get flack for being too chubby. So I didn’t.

2014 was a crazy summer in every sense of the word. And this week in Colorado was fabulous!!

Health and Dealing With Now (Simply) 3

In some ways, I’m in much the same place now as then. Except I am slightly less concerned about what other people think of me. Which is a good thing, I think.

Because I’d had a much different series of newsletters planned here. But just like it was when that picture above was taken, I’m finding myself somewhere I never planned on being.

This summer, I was GOING to be the “if-I-can-do-it-anybody-can” heroine of affordable, low carb meal prep (even for the chaotic) as a way to introduce DJ’s Making Ends Meat book. Proof of concept! That was my big plan.

I’d started trying it out and taking my own (iffy) photos already, before my life went completely wonky. So while I’m mildly disappointed I didn’t turn into the shining example I’d hoped, it’s okay.

My best IS, indeed, good enough. And so is yours.

Health and Dealing With Now (Simply) 4

Ready to go?

I’m not in a place go full-on meal prep again. I don’t have the stamina. But I can start working my way back into the flow.

I did, however, pull out DJ’s TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE for inspiration as I’d planned. The part that spoke to me right now is the 4 basic guidelines for eating. Keeping it simple is my best bet right this minute.

  1. Eat when you’re hungry.
  2. Eat less than 30 net carbs per day.
  3. Avoid eating more than 10 net carbs per hour.
  4. Focus on clean, whole foods.

If you could stand to begin again too and want to keep it manageable, this might be a great place to start.


  • Accept yourself wherever you’re at. That doesn’t mean giving up. It’s making a fresh start.
  • It’s easier to take care of yourself if you believe yourself worthy.
  • Your best efforts may look prettier on some days than others, but whatever it looks like, do that! It’s always enough.
  • The biggest secret is to just keep doing it…

I’m right there beside you, man, all chaotic, imperfect, but still loving myself despite it all and (of course), loudly rooting you on!

Go forth and be good to yourself, friends. You deserve it.

Health and Dealing With Now (Simply)

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