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Pigeons and Accidental Wisdom


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Holy Caulimash, Thanksgiving’s Upon Us!

Hold up—Thanksgiving is next week? Yep, it’s sneaking up on us like a ninja in the night. I swear, I was just daydreaming about carving pumpkins, and now the turkey’s knocking on my door.

Living in my own little world, where weekdays and weekends blend into a delightful smoothie of sameness, and my social interactions are largely with my better half (love you, hon!), it’s easy to lose track of time. Holidays have this way of stealthily creeping up on me, and bam, they’re right on my doorstep, ready to party.

But fret not! I’m not caught entirely off guard. I’ve got a turkey in the fridge, and it’s not just for show. We’d gobble it up even if it wasn’t Thanksgiving—because turkey is delicious, and we’re simple like that. The feast? It’s going to be mostly carb-conscious, minus sugar—doctor’s orders to keep diabetes at bay.

Pigeons and Accidental Wisdom 1

Cue Wilford Brimley impression here. 🦃

Yet, here’s the scoop—I’m far from “there,” but I’m feeling pretty darn good about things. I’ve nudged my health back into a friendlier zone. Meds are on my team for now, and that’s a-okay. They’re like the side dish to my main course of self-care. I’ll take them as long as I need them. And hey, those 15 or 20 pounds that have left the party without saying goodbye? That’s the low-carb icing on the sugar-free cake.

So, my Thanksgiving might not be the traditional carb-fest, but it’ll be deliciously mine, with a dash of “I’m not quite following the rules” thrown in because life’s too short (and more importantly, I’m terrible at following rules).

It’s good enough, and so am I—and so are you, no matter how you plate up your holiday. For real.

A Culinary Ally for a Low-Carb Thanksgiving

Speaking of a Thanksgiving that’s deliciously mine, I’ve got a secret weapon in my arsenal for keeping things both low-carb and high-taste. It’s a book that’s as fun to read as it is helpful in the kitchen, especially when you’re trying to dodge those pesky carbs during the holidays. Let me introduce you to “Taking Out the Carbage” by DJ Foodie. In case you haven’t met…

Pigeons and Accidental Wisdom 2

This is not just any cookbook—it’s a guide, a friend, and a lifesaver wrapped in one. With DJ Foodie’s genius recipes at your fingertips, you can whip up a Thanksgiving feast that’ll make you forget sugar was ever a thing. Think of it as your culinary companion, guiding you through a holiday spread that’s as kind to your body as it is delightful to your palate.

With “Taking Out the Carbage,” you’ll have all the tools you need to keep the holiday spirit alive, minus the carb coma. It’s all about celebrating, indulging, and enjoying—without compromising on your health goals. So, why not make this book a part of your holiday tradition? Your future self might just look back and raise a glass in thanks. Get it here.

Holiday Prep to Pidgeon Pep Talks…

And speaking of plating up, sometimes what we serve ourselves isn’t on a dish—it’s the words we feed our minds. Like that time a pigeon served up a reminder that sometimes, the best way to handle the unexpected is just to “talk nice.”

Lightbulb Moment Courtesy of a Pigeon and Dad’s Accidental Wisdom

“Try talking nice.”

Who would’ve thought that these words, driving my mom to the brink of a meltdown, while giving me a chuckle—would eventually spark a lightbulb moment?

Picture the scene: A pigeon, caught in what I can only assume was a bout of bird-brained hysterics, decided to embark on a grand tour of my parents’ house. And let me tell you, it was causing quite the ruckus!

Pigeons and Accidental Wisdom 3

Mom, already stretched to her limits caring for Dad through his dementia journey, was at her wits’ end. The bird-induced freakout was the last straw, prompting her to call us for backup.

This wasn’t just a case of ‘bird meets house’; it was more about Mom grappling with her evolving world where her husband just wasn’t there–at least not in the way he’d always been. Dad, in his own foggy way, was still in there, though. You can bet your bottom dollar he was suggesting “talking nice” because Mom was so wound up. His suggestion was a lot more about interacting with him than interacting with the bird.

We walked into this feathery frenzy, oblivious to the fact that we were about to live out Dad’s advice. My husband effortlessly assumed the role of the pigeon whisperer. His laid-back demeanor and gentle maneuvers were all it took to guide our feathered guest to the exit. He was basically embodying Dad’s wisdom without realizing it.

Mom’s reaction was justified enough, but it made it impossible for her to resolve the problem. It was so much easier for my husband because he wasn’t already worked up. What isn’t?

Recalling this incident, I got to thinking. Isn’t “talking nice” universally sound advice? Whether dealing with a confused pigeon, some rando on the internet, or even just our own tangled emotions, a generous dash of calm and kindness works wonders.

This is incredibly relevant for self-talk, particularly about our health and day-to-day decisions. Are we our own cheerleaders, or the unforgiving critics cataloging every misstep? Think about it – shouting at that bird would’ve only escalated the chaos, much like harsh self-criticism. The more upset a person is, the harder it is to think clearly and creatively. Problems are just harder to solve with the emotional factor ramped up.

What if we made a conscious choice, consistently, to “talk nice” to ourselves, especially during those mirror pep talks?

I’ve definitely made strides, but there’s still plenty of road ahead. And sometimes I wander off on the shoulders of that road, for that matter. But you know what? The journey feels a whole lot smoother with a bit of self-kindness, no matter how focused I am (or am not). It always makes it easier. Always.

So, maybe Dad was on to something. I’m convinced he was. Are you ready to join me in embracing the ‘talk nice’ approach to taking care of yourself?

Just like our impromptu pigeon guest, the holidays can ruffle our feathers and push our buttons. But I’ve learned something important from Dad’s unwitting advice: the tone we use—whether with unexpected guests, be they avian or human, or with ourselves when we sneak an extra serving of stuffing—sets the stage for either stress or success.

So, this Thanksgiving, as we enjoy our feasts and fend off holiday chaos, let’s remember to sprinkle a little of that ‘talk nice’ seasoning on everything—and I mean everything. May your hearts be as full as your plates this holiday season!

What about you? Have any unexpected guests—winged or otherwise—taught you a holiday lesson? Hit reply and tell me all about it. Let’s share a laugh or a moment of insight, or even gratitude, together.

And Happy Holidays, Zen Friends! You know I’m rooting for you, right? Because I ALWAYS am!! Much love.

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