Thank You for Buying the “Weight Loss Zen” Book

Thanks so much for getting my book!

Truth: I've spent all my life dealing with my weight, one way or another. So yeah. It's a personal topic for me. I get the struggle, because I've lived it. 

Heck, sometimes I still do live it.

But you know what? If I have a struggle, I'm going to do my darnedest to learn from it. And if there is someone else that can benefit from that hard-won knowledge? I'll be shouting it from the rooftops! 

So consider yourself shouted at...I mean, you know. Love shouts.

Knowing you've found your way here, and knowing this book can do some real good in your life? This makes me happier than I can even express.

That's exactly why I wrote this book. That's why I do all the work I do. So thank you for making my work count.

Now go forth and kick some booty!

Peace Out.

Thank You for Buying the “Weight Loss Zen” Book 1

p.s. Know someone else who might like this book? Feel free to pass around these Sample Chapters  (PDF).

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