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Low Carb Zen News features stories, straight talk, occasional offers and (hopefully) something to think about along your own journey. Because: 1. You deserve it and 2. I'm totally rooting for you! ~Dix

Restarting and Bridges: Happily, Step by Step

I couldn’t rightly tell you if I’m the absolute best person to be talking about this, or the absolute worst. An argument could be made ...

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I still feel kinda bad about it, but I honestly wasn’t trying to be a ...

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How do You Like What is Good for You?

What is “Good Progress?” It may be open for debate, but I know my answer… ...

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All Progress is Good Progress

Catching Up on Health… “I was completely healthy until I started seeing all these damn ...

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Health and Dealing With Now (Simply)

“Your dad said I should lose weight,” Mom says to me one day. “What?!? That ...

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Turning Crossroads into Wins