We get a lot of questions so subsequently, we have a lot of answers. Funny how that works...

I just started low carb and feel TERRIBLE! What gives?

Can I take a fiber supplement or add fiber to a recipe to reduce the carb count?

Can I low carb with [Insert-Medical-Condition-Here]?

What can I eat? How many carbs can I have? What should I have for dinner tonight?!?

Why do all these baking recipes use bizarre ingredients?! I don't have this stuff!

WHAT with the calories?! How can you say this high-calorie stuff will help you lose weight?! You’re a bigger fake than Miss Cleo!!

Why do the recipes you share have some much fat?!  You seem to think bacon is a food group!!!

This recipe you shared is NOT healthy because it contains [insert-demonized-ingredient-here]!!!

This recipe is YUCKO, BLECH, DISGUSTING!! I am offended by its very existence and the evil you have perpetrated by sharing it unto the world.

Carb counts on these recipes you share?! Because, duh!

Isn't Splenda the DEVIL?! Why do you share recipes with the devil in it?!?

Why do you post so many sweets?! Where's the healthy stuff, you Erythritol-pushing freaks?

Got more questions not covered here? Ask on Facebook! Or you can contact me directly. Just be aware I cannot provide one-on-one support for your low carb plan. There are too many of you!

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