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Snacking on Keto Delivered (Review)


I ask questions of y’all. About what you want, what’s on your mind. It lets me know what’s most helpful to talk about.

Without exception, the same issues come up. And the number one desire I hear from y’all pretty much every time I ask?

Easy. E-A-S-Y, easy.

The number two thing I hear is that you get bored with food choices when you don’t have enough variety.

You want ways to make this lifestyle easier. You don’t have time to shop at 12 different natural food grocery stores all over town or spend days researching every little morsel you put into your mouth. You don’t want to have to think about it, so hard. Or maybe I’m projecting.

Either way, it’s nice to have options.

So I was stoked to get a chance to try Keto Delivered, a monthly subscription box that describes itself as “Artisan Goodies for the Keto Foodie.” Because auto-magically delivering new goodies to try, right to your door?

Easy and fun.

Now, I’m not a foodie–I know, you’d think with this job, right? But I do appreciate good food. And I like trying new stuff. So make it easy for me to test out Keto-approved foods and snacks without having to THINK so hard about it? I’m all over that!

When the box came, I was so excited. It felt just like getting a present in the mail. Carb-friendly surprises showing up at my front door!

I was happy with the variety and (especially knowing how pricey some LC specialty foods can be), I was pleased with the amount of food included, too. Every month the box is different so you won’t get exactly what I got, but here’s a rundown of the food included in mine.

Hey, is that a tail behind there?
Hey, is that a tail behind there?

Jerky – Devoured within minutes of opening the box. I can’t even find the brand now, because I didn’t save the packaging. Damn good.

Skout Pumpkin Seeds – You can’t get much keto-friendlier for a snack.

Pumpkin seeds are a great snack.
Pumpkin seeds are a very carb-friendly snack.

ProTings, Nacho Cheese Flavor – These are chips. Plain from the bag, they were pretty good, especially if you haven’t had chips in a while. But I wouldn’t eat them plain so much. They shine when paired with a dip, or a little cottage cheese (if it fits into your plan).

High Protein, low carb nacho cheese chips.
High Protein, low carb nacho cheese chips.

Ground2Table Single Use Seasonings – I used these in my cooking and the flavors were great. The single use blends were very convenient.

Sea Salt – Always handy! I used it in cooking.

Zero Sweeteners – Liquid Sucralose and Liquid Stevia. Great for coffee or cooking. Nice size bottles, too!

‘Ndjua Log – I am still not sure what this is, other than some kind of soft, spicy, and very tasty meat log. The included recipe card features this in a dip with a lot of cheese. I didn’t make the recipe. I just ate it with hunks of cheese and some ProTings.

Oloves – Oh my Gosh, I loved these things!! I barely got a picture of them before I inhaled ’em. And opened the second pack quick on it’s heels. This picture is a few light of the snack pack total you can expect because…um…quality control testing. Yeah, that’s it. I was quality control testing!

I really LOVED the Oloves!
Yummy Oloves! As in, I want a case of them in different flavors!

GoodDee’s Brownies – Perfect brownie texture. Lightly sweetened (using erythritol), I opted to add some homemade whipped cream and take that sweet up a notch. It was divine!

Brownies topped with homemade whipped cream.
Perfect Texture: Brownies topped with homemade whipped cream.
Lightly sweet.
Lightly sweet.
Packaging serves as bonus cat toy.
Packaging serves as bonus cat toy.

Every month, you get 5-7 products to try. Keto Delivered partners with passionate, food artisans: small business who produce products in small-batches to focus on quality first. Subscription boxes cost $40/month–you can cancel anytime. While the retail value will vary depending on the month’s selection, it will always be worth more than what you paid for it. (How many things can you say that about?)

Overall, I was really pleased with the food. There wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t happily eat more of, given the opportunity. It was fun getting a box of goodies and knowing they really ARE low carb friendly made it that much more fun.

If you’re a very picky eater, this probably wouldn’t be a good fit for you. If you want more easy choices or could use a little more adventure in your menu, Keto Delivered can help.

Find out more here.

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