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Zoodles without a Spiralizer (& Pridebit Julienne Peeler Review)


Zoodles without a spiralizer, you say? Why yes, it can be done and I want to help you make your zoodles without a spiralizer, if you happen to be one of the poor, downtrodden spiralizer-less. The way I see it, enjoying Zoodles is a low-carber’s God given right, along with feasting on bacon and butter.

Maybe you’re not be ready to make the  spiralizer investment, or don’t want (or have the space) for yet another sizable kitchen gadget, however awesome. Well, when I got an opportunity to try out a Pridebit Julienne peeler,* I knew I had to make some zoodles without a spiralizer just to see how it worked!

How to Make Zoodles without a Spiralizer

The process is very simple. You lay your vegetable on the cutting board, run your Julienne peeler with slight pressure across your Zucchini or Squash, and boom! You have tiny, matchstick sized zoodles without a spiralizer! You can peel it first or not.

The Pridebit Julienne Peeler

I was very happy with the Pridebit peeler itself. I’ve seen Julienne peelers at a comparable price that weren’t remotely as well made–some with just a plastic handle and a single, one-sided blade. This one is heavy duty stainless steel, very solidly built, and very sharp! It clearly was made to last. It comes with a small cleaning brush as well, as a nice bonus.

This is a great option if you want to give zoodles a test run before purchasing a dedicated spiralizer, you would like an economical, multi-use option, or you just want want to save space.

It also makes super-thin slices, much like I’d expect from a mandolin.  I am itching to try Zucchini lasagna myself, using the peeler side. And I’ve long wanted to master vegetable chips, but have never been able to peel them thinly and uniformly enough to have any great success. I think I may have solved that problem….

One side has a blade that peels (or makes amazingly thin slices) with a slight waffle cut, and the other blade does the matchstick julienne cuts. Both blades work in either direction, making it easy to use even if you’re a leftie like me. It did not take a lot of pressure, because the blades are very sharp!

In fact, the blades are extremely sharp. Did I mention they were sharp? You should remember they are sharp. (I won’t mention the band-aid adorning my finger in the Zoodle portion of the video. If I don’t mention it, you might not notice.)

I, ahem…decided to invest in a pair of cut resistant gloves to pair up with this puppy–saving me potential mishaps and allowing my poor, over-worried husband to sleep at night. Win-win.

The peeler comes with a downloadable PDF document with a few recipes if you sign up for the company’s mailing list. I looked it over, but the recipes included wouldn’t be of much interest to low carbers like me, so I didn’t keep it. Besides, figuring out how to eat veggies is not a problem. I love my veggies!

I really like the peeler and I’m looking forward to all kinds of inventive uses for it. And yes, even though I have a spiralizer, I might also make some tiny, matchstick zoodles without a spiralizer, too.  Yay, Zoodles!

Do you Julienne?
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