August 31

Easy Almond Flour Replacement


If you need an almond flour replacement because you’re allergic to almond flour or find nut flours cause inflammation or stomach upsets, don’t despair. You can replace Almond flour (ground up almonds) with Sunflower Seed Flour (ground up Sunflower seeds) with a direct, 1:1 ratio. As a bonus, homemade sunflower seed flour is often cheaper than almond flour, too!

But do be aware: Baking soda or powder can interact with the chlorophyll in sunflower seeds, turning the baked goods a harmless-if-a-bit-unappealing green. You can avoid the reaction but cutting down on the amount of baking soda or powder, and adding a little lemon juice.

Some people will soak the seeds overnight in salted water first because of enzyme inhibitors on the seeds, which may upset the stomach. Soaking in salt water neutralizes enzyme inhibitors; if you soak, then you need to dry the seeds completely (either in a dehydrator or oven set on a very low temperature) for an extended period. Honestly, I wouldn’t mess with that myself, but you are not me.

You can grind your seeds in a food processor or heavy-duty blender. Pulse in short bursts and don’t over-do the grinding, or you’ll end up with Sun Butter, which I’m sure is tasty and all, but not what you’re going for here.

You get almost a cup of sunflower seed flour for each cup of seeds you process. Store the flour in the refrigerator or freezer until use, to keep oils in the sunflower seeds from turning you lovely flower rancid.

And if all that is too much work for you, sometimes you can find Sunflower Seed Flour ready to use. That’s what I’d do!

Have you tried Sunflower Seed Flour (or do you want to)?

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  • I’m allergic to almonds, hives and itchy mouth & throat if I eat the flour raw. Cooking with it changes the enzyme makeup so not an issue with baked goods. It’s good to know though that sunflower flour can be substituted in uncooked applications. Thanks for the information.

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