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Magic of Vitamin D: Avoid Demetia, Diabetes & More


Sometimes, prevention can both easy and inexpensive. But nobody makes commercials to advertise solutions that don’t make much money. There is no budget for that.

So, I’m going to advertise it myself! This research can change lives.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. John Campbell’s videos. My husband and I started watching during the pandemic for understandable and up-to-date insights on what was known about the virus at the time and we’ve been watching ever since. He is a nurse with doctorate in education and it really shows. His explanations of medical issues are both thorough and completely accessible to laypeople.

Magic of Vitamin D

I started supplementing with Vitamin D along with handwashing and social distancing to lower the risk for Covid.

But as it turns out, Vitamin D can do a whole lot more. The connection between Vitamin D deficiency and dementia really got my attention. It is a very personal topic for me, as I lost my father a few months ago to Alzheimer’s.

So if there is something I know that can help others avoid this brutal condition, there is NO WAY I’m not going to shout it from the rooftops.

Bottom line: Reduce risk for dementia by 40%? I’m in! And I’m telling everybody I know about it.

Here’s the dementia study he discusses. (And the video discussing it, shown below.)

Of interest to some of my folks here: Vitamin D has a similar impact on the risk for Type 2 diabetes in people with Prediabetes, says this study.

And now, Vitamin D has been found to have a big impact on reducing suicide and self-harm. Dr. Campbell breaks this research down here, including ideas on why this might be the case. The study is here.

In other words, you can do a whole lot of good for yourself with a small (and inexpensive) supplement.

How Much Vitamin D, Though?

Standard disclaimer: I’m not anybody’s doctor, nurse or medical professional, so I cannot tell you or anybody else how much of anything to take.

Dr. Campbell personal takes 400o IU of Vitamin D3 each day, with additional K2 to help with absorption. But you have to decide what works for you. No matter what you decide, though, I hope you’ll look into the possibilities and consider the benefits.

magic of vitamin d


magic of vitamin d


And please, let friends and loved ones know about the benefits of Vitamin D. If we can protect anybody from some of these outcomes with a little knowledge, we’ve spent our energy well.

Spread the Word About the Magic of Vitamin D!

Do you take Vitamin D supplements? 

Magic of Vitamin D: Avoid Demetia, Diabetes & More

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