Love Getting Started on Low Carb

Getting started on low carb is probably easier than you think it will be.

Sometimes, people think they have to do everything perfectly for low carb to work. That's not true at all! I've often found waiting for "just the right time," excessive preparation and insisting on following a plan to perfection is procrastination in a pretty dress. 

What we're looking for is not perfection, but improvement. And no matter where you are at, improvement is always achievable. You take a small step and make it a habit, until it's easy and natural. Celebrate your success. Then you add another step and make it a habit. Lather, rinse, repeat. And remember: every step counts!

Getting Started on Low Carb Right!

  • Read TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE by DJ Foodie. It's the best getting started on low carb real-world guide out there.
  • Check out my book, WEIGHT LOSS ZEN, because attitude is everything!
  • Start cutting down on sugar even before officially getting started on low carb, for an easier transition.
  • Get some good quality multi-vitamins and Omega-3 supplements. If you have a sweet tooth, add L-Glutamine supplements.
  • Save some carb-friendly recipes and make a shopping list. Skip the specialty foods to start. Simple is best as you're getting started on low carb.
  • Still want your baked goods? Baking is much different with alternative flours. Check out THE FAKERY to learn how to bake grain-free with consistently great results.
  • Stock up on full-sodium broth to help with transitional symptoms: buy some or make your own.
  • Set your start date and clear your house of the biggest temptations beforehand (but not by eating them)!
  • Go! Follow your plan religiously for the first 2 weeks. This dedication serves to retrain your tastes and does wonders for suppressing appetite and cravings.
  • Get support along the way Join us on the Low Carb Zen Facebook page for daily inspiration.

Getting Started on Low Carb: The Quick List

  • Eat only foods from the Atkins Induction food list for at least the first two weeks.
  • Count your net carbs (i.e. carbs - fiber = net carbs) and shoot for about 20 - 35 a day, max.
  • Drink lots of water! Work your way up to about 1/2 your weight in ounces of water.
Taking Out the Carbage by D.J. Foodie Book and PDF

Most of all, know: YOU CAN DO THIS

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